Connect AWS to New Relic

China regions are not supported.

To connect your Amazon account to New Relic Infrastructure:

  • Go to > AWS. Click on the Lambda service tile to get started.
  • Open another browser tab and navigate to the AWS IAM console, click Roles, then click Create role, then click Another AWS account:

Create Role

  1. For Account ID, use 754728514883
  2. Check the Require external ID box
  3. For External ID, enter your New Relic account ID.
  4. Do not enable the setting to Require MFA (multi-factor authentication).
  5. Click the Next: Permissions button at the bottom right to continue.
  • Attach the Policy: Search for ReadOnlyAccess, select the checkbox for the policy named ReadOnlyAccess, then click Next: Tags:

Attach Policy

  • Click Next: Review.
  • For the Role name, enter NewRelicInfrastructure-Integrations, then click Create role:

Name Role

  • Select the newly created role from the listed roles. On the Role summary page, select and copy the entire Role ARN (required later in this procedure).
  • Configure a Budgets policy: While viewing the Role summary for your new role, select Add inline policy.

Inline Policy

  • Create a Custom policy: Enter a policy name (for example, NewRelicBudget), add the following permission statement, and then select Apply policy.

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Action": [
      "Resource": "*"
  • Return to the New Relic UI to enter your AWS account name and the ARN for the new role.

  • Select the Amazon Web Services to be monitored (Lambda, at minimum) with New Relic Infrastructure integrations, then Save.