Configure New Relic's log-ingestion Lambda

Please ensure you perform these actions for us-west-2 as they are region specific.

To configure the New Relic Lambda:

  • From the AWS console, go to the Lambda section, select Create function, and select Serverless Application Repository.
  • Search for newrelic and find the newrelic-log-ingestion Lambda by clicking the Show apps that create custom IAM roles or resource policies checkbox. If you encounter any issues in the steps below, follow the more detailed instructions in the Lambda’s documentation to deploy it. A SAM template will build the Lambda.

Create Lambda

  • Click on the NewRelic-log-ingestion link:

Environment Variables

  1. In the environment variable section in AWS console, set the NRLicenseKey environment variable to your New Relic license key. Note: If you have multiple accounts or a master-subaccount hierarchy, ensure that the license key used corresponds to the same account connected to AWS.
  2. Set the NRLoggingEnabled environment variable to true.
  3. Click the I acknowledge that this app creates custom IAM roles and resource policies checkbox and then click Deploy.