In this module you’ll use AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB to build a backend process for handling requests from your web application. The browser application that you deployed in the first module allows users to request that a unicorn be sent to a location of their choice. In order to fulfill those requests, the JavaScript running in the browser will need to invoke a service running in the cloud.

You’ll implement a Lambda function that will be invoked each time a user requests a unicorn. The function will select a unicorn from the fleet, record the request in a DynamoDB table and then respond to the front-end application with details about the unicorn being dispatched.

Serverless backend architecture

The function is invoked from the browser using Amazon API Gateway. You’ll implement that connection in the next module. For this module you’ll just test your function in isolation.

Implementation Instructions

❗ Ensure you’ve completed the User Management step before beginning this module.

Each of the following sections provides an implementation overview and detailed, step-by-step instructions. The overview should provide enough context for you to complete the implementation if you’re already familiar with the AWS Management Console or you want to explore the services yourself without following a walkthrough.