New Relic monitoring for AWS Lambda offers in-depth performance monitoring for your Lambda functions. In this module you’ll learn how to instrument a Lambda function for Observability.

Architecture Overview

Before going through the implementation procedures, it may help you to understand how data flows from your Lambda functions to New Relic:

New Relic Monitoring for AWS Lambda architecture

When New Relic’s Lambda monitoring is enabled, this is how data moves from your Lambda function to New Relic:

  1. The Lambda function is instrumented with our code. When the Lambda is invoked, log data is sent to CloudWatch.
  2. CloudWatch collects Lambda log data and sends it to our log-ingestion Lambda.
  3. The log-ingestion Lambda sends that data to New Relic.

Implementation Instructions

❗ Ensure you’ve completed the RESTful APIs step before beginning

Each of the following sections provides an implementation overview and detailed, step-by-step instructions.