New Relic Monitoring for AWS Lambda: Summary Page

New Relic One’s entity explorer provides access to the performance data from all your monitored applications, services, and hosts - including AWS Lambda Functions.

Let’s navigate to the New Relic One website and click on Entity Explorer:

New Relic One

In the Entity Search field, enter Unicorn and select the RequestUnicorn function:

Entity Search

Click on the name of the Lambda function, RequestUnicorn:

Select Entity

You will be presented with the Lambda Summary page that presents a quick view into your fucntion’s most important performance data:

Summary Page

  1. Invocations: The total amount of times a function has been run. This includes direct REST API calls through the AWS API Gateway as well as through chained event requests.
  2. Duration: The total time a function ran.
  3. Error rate: The percentage of invocations that have resulted in errors.
  4. Invocation source: The list and frequency of how a function was invoked.
  5. Cold starts: The number of times that a function was invoked that resulted in a cold start. (If a container hosting a function is not created before the function is invoked—a cold start—the function may seem excessively slow).
  6. Metadata: A list of metadata describing the function.
  7. Details pane: A list of open violations and metadata and tags associated with the function.