New Relic Monitoring for AWS Lambda: Errors Page

When troubleshooting a function, the Errors page is a great place to start. We will now intentionally break the instrumentation for our Lambda function and use the Errors page to view the result of that change.

Open a new browser tab to your RequestUnicorn Lambda function in the AWS Console:

RequestUnicorn Lambda Function

Scroll down to the Function code section of the page. Scroll down in the source code and change username to user:

Lambda Handler

Save your changes:

Save Lambda Changes

Open your browser to the /ride page of your Wild Rydes website. Click anywhere on the map, and then click Request Unicorn. You should receive an error Repeat this process a few times:

Request Unicorn Delivery

Back in your New Relic One browser tab, click on the Errors link. (This is located under the CloudWatch metrics link you followed in an earlier module). On this page you will see a high level breakdown of all errors that have occured in your Lambda function. You will be presented with a grouping of error types, the percentage of Lambda executions that have resulted in errors, and the actual error messages themselves:

Lambda Error Page