AWS Serverless with New Relic One

New Relic and AWS


Welcome to the AWS Serverless with New Relic One workshop! Today you will go on a journey as the DevOps professionals responsible for deploying and monitoring the new Wild Rydes application. Wild Rydes is an innovative transportation service that helps people get to their destination faster and hassle-free. Getting started is as easy as tapping a button - or at least it should be when you’ve finished this workshop!


  • Deploy Cloud9 as an IDE for completing workshop exercises
  • Connect an AWS account to New Relic
  • Implement a web frontend using AWS Amplify
  • User management using Amazon Cognito
  • Implementing a web backend using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and Amazon API Gateway
  • Instrumenting an AWS Lambda function
  • New Relic Monitoring for AWS Lambda on New Relic One highlighting Entity Explorer and curated Lambda dashboards
  • Troubleshooting your Lambda functions using Distributed tracing

The examples and sample code provided in this workshop are intended to be consumed as instructional content. These will help you understand how various AWS services can be architected to build a solution while demonstrating best practices along the way. These examples are not intended for use in production environments.