AWS Account

You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services used while running this workshop in your AWS account.

Your account must have the ability to create new IAM roles and scope other IAM permissions.

If you already have an AWS account, and have IAM Administrator access, go to Provision VPC & Cloud9

Create an account

  1. If you don’t already have an AWS account with Administrator access: create one now

  2. Once you have an AWS account, ensure you are following the remaining workshop steps as an IAM user with administrator access to the AWS account: Create a new IAM user to use for the workshop

  3. Enter the user details: Create User

  4. Attach the AdministratorAccess IAM Policy: Attach Policy

  5. Click to create the new user: Confirm User

  6. Take note of the login URL and save: Login URL

Provision VPC

Click here to deploy using CloudFormation template

  • Create stack, click Next
  • Specify stack details, click Next
  • Configure stack options, click Next
  • Review UnicornDevSecOpsWorkshop, scroll to bottom section under Capabilities and check both boxes and click Create stack

The installation takes a few minutes. Please continue to the next section.