Enabling New Relic integrations using CloudShell

Open CloudShell

Locate and open CloudShell using the search bar in the AWS Console:


Within CloudShell, install the New Relic CLI tool by executing the following command:

pip3 install newrelic-lambda-cli --user

Now that the New Relic CLI tool is installed, we can link our accounts by executing the following command (YOUR_LINKED_ACCOUNT_NAME refers to your New Relic account and can be named anything you wish):

newrelic-lambda integrations install -e --nr-account-id YOUR_NR_ACCOUNT_ID --linked-account-name YOUR_LINKED_ACCOUNT_NAME --nr-api-key YOUR_NEW_RELIC_USER_KEY

If successful, you should see output similar to:

Validating New Relic credentials
Retrieving integration license key
Checking for a pre-existing link between New Relic and AWS
Creating the AWS role for the New Relic AWS Lambda Integration
Waiting for stack creation to complete... ✔ Done
✨ Install Complete ✨

Congratulations! You have successfully linked your AWS account with New Relic!

Multiple AWS regions and accounts in a real-world environment

The newrelic-lambda CLI should be run once per region, with the –aws-region parameter. Use the same linked account name, and the tool will detect that the account link has been created already. The license key secret needs to be created in each region.

Similarly, several AWS accounts can be linked to a New Relic account. Give each account a different linked account name. The –aws-profile argument to the CLI tool will select the named profile. The tool uses the same configuration as the AWS CLI.


If you no longer wish for your AWS account to be connected to New Relic, simply access CloudFormation from the AWS Console and delete any stacks that begin with the name NewRelic.